Manual TreeQinetic BT5 (Release 2021)

Manual for PICUS TreeQinetic BT5 + App.

Manual TreeQinetic (Release Jan. 2019)

Manual for PICUS TreeQinetic.

PiCUS Tree Inspection Equipment at a Glance (English)

Introduction of PiCUS Tree inspection equipment

PiCUS Tomography Methods (Sep 2016)

Brief introduction of PiCUS sonic tomography and TreeTronic electric resistance tomography to illustrate how those methods are used in tree safety assessments to measure residual wall thickness.

Urządzenia do badania drzew PiCUS (Polska wersja)

Opis urządzeń PiCUS do badania drzew.

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph Manual of PC Software Q74 (Release date: February 1st, 2017)

Manual of the Q74 PC Software (latest Version).  This manual contains many useful hints for all PiCUS operators - using older and newer program versions. Please do download and read!

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph Version 3 - Hardware manual (Release date: February 2ed, 2017)

Start-up and Operation of PiCUS Sonic Tomograph Version 3

PiCUS Treetronic Version 3 (Release date: May 12th, 2017)

Start-up and Operation of PiCUS Treetronic Version 3 

PiCUS Calliper Version 3

Manual of PiCUS Calliper Version 3

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph Manual of PC software Q72/Q73

Instruction manual for the PiCUS Windows Software Q72/Q73

PiCUS Treetronic® Version 1

Start-up and Operation of Treetronic® Version 1

PiCUS Calliper Version 1

Instruction manual of PiCUS Calliper Version 1

PocketPC Q71CE

Instruction manual for the Software of PocketPC Q71CE

Manual PiCUS TMSO Hardware (state 11.08.2020)

User manual of the PiCUS TMSO Hardware.

Containing: project preparation, control of the measuring system, use of the mobile app.

Manual PiCUS TMS Software (state 11.08.2020)

User manual of the PiCUS TMS PC Software.

Containing: use of the PC software, evaluation of the measurement data, interpretation of the measurement data.