PiCUS Tree Motion Sensor 3 Mini-Kit

The PiCUS Tree Motion Sensors enable the execution of stability analysis through wind reaction measurement. This method is based on movements of examined trees in natural gusts of wind. The tree's response can be read and estimated for stronger wind events from the tree pitch and wind speed recorded by the the TMS.

The TMS Mini-Kit is offered for easy access into this young method. It contains everything needed to measure and analyse data on a tree. The kit includes two PiCUS TMS 3 sensors, a special inductive charging station and software to read out and analyse data.

The Mini-Kit is ideal for gaining initial experiences with the use of PiCUS Tree Motion sensors. For more extensive applications the standard TMS 3 system with ten sensors and the tenfold charging station integrated in the convienent suitcase is still available. Needless to say all components are compatible, so the sensors of the Mini-Kit can be used without limitation when upgrading to standard TMS 3 system.

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Mobile Apps

To work with the new TMS 3 sensors it is necessary to download the associated App from the app store. Please click on dedicated store button or scan QR Code below.