PiCUS Environmental Cloud (PEC)

PiCUS Environmental Cloud is an online data storage that is provided by argus electronic GmbH.

Each customer who possesses at least one cloud compatible instrument from argus is getting an account.

The cloud consists of two main components:

  • Database
  • File storage

Most of the devices delivered by argus electronic are already capable of uploading files to the online data storage directly on site or will be able to do so in the future.

On one hand the new series of IoT devices only becomes possible because they depend on such kind of data upload. On the other hand, customers are provided with the opportunity to use the devices more efficiently and more conveniently.

A typical application:
A field team is conducting measurements using argus instruments. All measuring results are directly uploaded to the cloud. In that way the data can immediately be assessed in the office without delay.

Furthermore, the cloud also offers not just data storage but also functions to filter and compare data and to run automated analyses.

Depending on the device, access to the cloud is via the corresponding app, the associated PC program and / or our new Web-GIS:

Attention! In Firefox there are long waiting times when loading the map, use a different web browser if necessary!

Downloading and displaying the data in any desktop GIS will also be possible in the near future!

The range of functions offered through the cloud will be developed and extended by argus electronic GmbH in the future to provide additional options and the best user experience!