PiCUS Newsletter

At irregular intervals, we publish Picus Newsletters in PDF format in German and English. In there we announce the latest developments of our PiCUS instruments for tree inspection, show new experiences with different types of trees or interesting results.

We kindly offer our test and repair service to all clients who want to have their intruments checked. Best time to do so is in the winter season. However, instruments can be shipped in for service at any time.

PiCUS News 09/2019

PiCUS 3 & TreeTronic 3 – PiCUS Site Bag now available

Trade shows and conferences 2019

6. International PiCUS Day

PiCUS News 01/2019

TreeQinetic - new radio technology available

TreeQinetic – stronger winching equipment available 32 kN (3,2 t)

Trade shows and exhibitions in 2019

PiCUS News 11/2018

TMS 3 Mini-Kit -Get access to wind reaction measurement.

PiCUS live – Upcoming events

free webinars at November 15th and 27th 2018.

2018 - Retrospect.

PiCUS News 10/2017

Tree Motion Sensors 3 - Further development of the Tree Motion sensors.

Overload Indicator - More safety in pulling test.

Free webinar on 13th November 2017.

Update for PiCUS PC program Q74 available.

PiCUS News 4/2017

Tomography on an oak with concrete filling. TreeTronic: Progress of decay over time. New: TreeQinetic signal transmitter. TMS record snapping root on a poplar tree. TreeQinetic system shows the line of force in the trunk. Reminder Firmwareupdate PiCUS 3.

PiCUS News 3/2017

New Firmware for TreeTronic 3 and PiCUS 3. TreeTronic: How ERT scans predicted the growth of Kretschmaria infections in a beech tree. TMS: Wind reaction test proofs roote plate safety of a beech at the castle in the city of Schwerin. PiUCS workshops.

PiCUS Newsletter 10/2016

Tomography and TMS workshop in the Netherlands. Tomography case study: how to set measuring points correctly. TMS case study: are there trees with weak roots in that alley?

PiCUS Newsletter 06/2016

New funktions in PiCUS PC Program Q74. Link between the PiCUS Program and  Website Treecalc.com. PiCUS case study: Tomograms on trees with steel bolts. 

PiCUS Newsletter 04/2016

The PiCUS team is in Augsburg from 26 to 28 April 2016. New PiCUS PC Software Q74. The new measuring case fits for both sonic tomograph and the new Calliper 3! Two become One: TreeQinetic Elastometer with integrated Tilt Sensor. The Belgian PiCUS Day will take place on 8th June 2016. PiCUS case study: Create partial tomograms of large trees.

PiCUS News 04/2015

PiCUS in Augsburg 2015. More precise, Larger, Smaller! Less Weight! The new PiCUS Calliper 3. New root plate tilt record holder found: Tree Motion Sensoren (TMS) in action. 4th PiCUS day in Groß Breesen at 26. and 27. May 2015.

PiCUS Newsletter 07/2014

Pilot Study with PiCUS Treetronic finds Ganoderma Infections in Queen Palms in Florida. Participation in the ISA conference in Milwaukee. A new approach to stability assessment with the Tree Motion Sensors (TMS).

PiCUS Newsletter 04/2014

PiCUS Calliper Carbon is a lightweight precision. The new Forcemeter of the TreeQinetic system is ready to work!

PiCUS Newsletter 12/2013

Update for the electronic hammerPEH available: the PEH can be equipped with a display. PiCUS 3 is the smallest and fastest Sonic Tomograph of the World. In 2014 a new force meterwill be supplied to the TreeQinetic system. Where are my arguable Candidates - TMS Tree Motion Sensors? PiCUS TreeTronic 3 is the Reference for Electric Resistance Tomography on Trees.