Fairs & Events

Here you find the latest news (PiCUS newsletter) as well as the next exhibition fair, training or seminar dates for the tree inspection.

Upcoming Events

With our exhibition stand, we are represented at the following events and look forward to your reports, suggestions and criticisms as well as a lively exchange. (changes reserved)

12th March 2020 Erfurter Baumforum Erfurt
09th April 2020 Rhein-Main Baumforum Kriftel (Frankfurt/Main)
21th - 23th April 2020 Deutsche Baumpflegetage Augsburg
07th - 08th May 2020 6. PICUS Day Rostock
16th - 19th September 2020 GaLaBau Nürnberg
By clicking on the links you will be redirected to the respective event.

Past Events

02nd - 03rd December 2019 FLL-Verkehrssicherheitstage Bonn
19th - 20th November 2019 FLL-Verkehrssicherheitstage Falkensee (Berlin)
10th October 2019 Baumforum West Bochum
26th September 2019 Berliner Baumforum Berlin
12th September 2019 Hanse Baumforum in Lübeck Lübeck
03rd - 04th September 2019 Osnabrücker Baumpflegetage Osnabrück
07th - 09th May 2019 Deutsche Baumpflegetage Augsburg