Tree inspection technology

The PiCUS tools box offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic instruments for advanced tree risk assessments. Measuring the thickness of the residual walls of trees with decay or cavities is done with the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and the TreeTronic. For root stability evaluations the TreeQinetic load test (or pull test) is the best choice. Alternatively the root plate tilt in natural winds can be measured using the TMS – Tree Motion Sensors.

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph

The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph can detect decay and cavities in standing trees non-invasively by tracking the speed of sound waves in tree trunks. 

PiCUS TreeQinetic

The TreeQinetic System is used to carry out static load test on trees.

PiCUS Calliper

The PiCUS Calliper is a supplementary tool, designed to be used in conjunction with the PiCUS and Treetronic tomograph. It measures the shape of a tree at the level of tomography quickly and accurately.

PiCUS TreeTronic

TreeTronic Tomograms show the electric resistance of the wood of a tree. The determine the size of the residual walls and the type of defect in the tree.


The Tree Motion Sensors - TMS reord the dynamic sway motion of trees in natural winds.


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We have been developing tree inspection instruments since 1998. In here there are the miles-stones of this development.

TreeCalc carries out static tree safety calcualtions using the data obtained with tomographic scans.