Tree expert services

As the owner of single or groups of trees, you not only have an interest in the health and sustainable development of your trees, but also bear the responsibility for their safety. We are happy to advice you in all matters that concern not only the safety of your current tree population, but also cutting and care measures as well as replanting of woody plants. In all matters relating to your tree we support you with expertise and state-of-the-art measuring technology.

Our Services:

Expert report

Expert reports document the specific assessment of the traffic safety of a tree together with all data, background information and conclusions.

If necessary, the full range of available technical tree examination equipment can be used to produce an opinion. This allows the best possible measurement results and ensures a state-of -the art examination of science and technology. Of course, only minimally invasive methods are used, which leave no lasting damage to the examined tree.

Basically, expert opinions are written with the claim of scientific work on professionalism and comprehensibility. On request also short versions are possible.

Tree-related soil assessment

A large part of the organism tree is located below earth's surface.These parts perform elementary tasks for the survival, growth and safety of the tree. Therefore, the soil around the tree can also be subject of investigations, whether to find out the cause of a damage is situated here, to identify potential for improvement and to recommend activities or to determine the suitability for future plantings.

Soil protection is an important part of applied tree protection.

Expert advice

Even in the planning phase of a tree planting, various aspects have to be considered. Starting with choosing the right species, the suitable location and appropriate quantity up to a care concept that promotes growth and development as best as possible. For each project a consultation tailored to your questions and challenges is offered.

Care and development planning

Although trees and woody plants are able to maintain themselves without human intervention, it is often necessary to perform care activities in an urban environment, especially where special demands are placed on the form and saftey of the plants. The more regulary such interventions are performed, the more compatibel and timesaving the activities become. For this reason, it is advisable to plan and maintain the care of trees and woody plants. We offer expert support for preparation such plans for planting of new trees as well as preservation, development or transformation of existing stocks.

This also includes the professional care and maintenance of veteran trees or natural landmarks according to the current state of science and technology.

Construction supervision

The subject of work of a tree expert are usually trees in the built-up area, this is why these trees repeatedly are situated near construction sites. Due to the lack of consideation or understanding for the trees, these often remain damaged. To avoid this and the associated treatment and restoration costs, it is recommended to think of protection in advance of the construction and to perform it consistently. Only then there is a chance that the trees will have a future even after the work has been completed.

First Aid

If trees are damaged by traffic accidents or the like, quick action is required. A timely treatment support the tree in its natural wound reaction and helps to minimize long-term damage or prevent them. In case of flat bark damage, as it occurs in many collision damage caused by vehicles, a one-year cover with a special foil (called "tree patch") is recommended. We carry out this treatment for you. Of course, all other expert services are offered for the damaged tree.

After the occurance of a damage actions must be taken immediately, at the latest within a few days.