Climate test

Technical products are exposed to constantly changing environmental influences during their lifetime, depending aon their field of application. This can affect their function, appearance and lifetime. Through the environmental simulation in our climate chamber, a product is subject to controlled environmental influences. As a result, weaknesses in the design can be discovered, and the long-term behaviour can be tested by artificial aging. Additionally climate tests are interesting for investigations and research on materials, as well as chemical and biological samples.

We offer the use of our climate chamber to interested parties, with the technical support of our staff. Contact us. Short-term tests (minutes to hours) are also possible as well as long-term tests (days to weeks) with static or dynamically changing environmental conditions. Any desired definable temperature profiles, moisture or climatic profiles (temperature and humidity) can be run.

Our climate chamber in detail

General informationen  
manufacturer Binder
model MKF 115 (E3.1)
inner dimensions (BxHxT) 600 x 480 x 400 mm
max. usable space (BxHxT) 520 x 384 x 320 mm
max. load 60 kg
Performance data temperature (without humidity)  
temperature range -40 bis +180 °C
temporal temperature deviation +/- 0,1 bis 0,6 K
saptial temperature deviation +/- 0,1 bis 1,3 K
medium heating speed 5,5 K/min
medium cooling speed 4,5 K/min
max. heat compensation to 25 °C 2500 W
Performance data climate (with humidity)  
temperature range +10 bis +95 °C
temporal temperature deviation +/- 0,1 bis 1,3 K
humidity range 10 bis 98 % r.F.
temporal humidity deviation < +/- 2,5 % r.F.
dew point temperature range +5 bis +94 °C
max. heat compensation to 25 °C at 90 % r.h. 400 W
other characteristics  
automatic control contacts 4, potential free
access 1 cable gland with rubber stopper