The dosing computers are available for the control of 12/24V DC pumps, 230V ~ three-phase pumps and for special applications.

Dosing device for small output

Dosistar V is a simple dosing device for the performance of 12/24 V DC pumps.

Dosistar VD/VDA/VDM is a series for flow control of small 12/24V DC pumps. All devices of this series are used together with a flowmeter.

Grainy series

The DOSISTAR GRAINY - control module enables a convenient control of different pump types (DC motor/three-phase motor) in mobile or stationary systems. The stationary connection is made to the single-phase luminous flux network. An integrated frequency converter continously controls the speed range from 10-100%. The volume flow rate is measured by a flow sensor from the device and the motor power is adjusted according to the default value. The device contains a big illuminated display and four buttons for operation. For contractors there are up to nine storage spaces for billing used quantities by customer. An advantage of the device is the saving of energy through the integrated frequency converter as opposed to systems with bypass-control. Running the pumps at lower speed will increase lifetime of pump heads and motors. Additional equipment like emergency switches and flow sensors are available on request.

Common features of the Dosistar Grainy device series:

  • Measurement of the actual flow rate of the dosing agent with impeller turbine or ultrasonic sensor
  • Controlling of flow rate to the set value by apropriate control of the pump motor
  • Dosing of adjustable batches
  • Monitoring the dosing process for missing items to be preserved (vacancy sensor), insufficient dosing agent (underdosing and dry-running alarm)
  • 2 potential-free relay outputs for connecting signal lamps and srew conveyors
  • Remote controlled by using standby and vacancy inputs
  • Big display with good readability
  • easy operability
  • case with protection class IP65

Special applications

Dosistar ST and Dosistar Disccontrol have been developed for controlling fertilizer spreaders and are used in device of the company Atlas Vorpommern GmbH.

Dosistar MTA is a special well-priced device for dry run detection. If the inlet/outlet of a dosing system should be secured against dry-running and the oprator should be warned by an alarm, the Dosistar MTA is the system of choice.