Additional equipment

Additional equipment for dosing technology

To operate the dosing control, accessories are necessary to build up a dosing system. Users are responsible for the selection of external components but we provide assistance for some key components.

Flow meter

The control of flow can only be done if the flow is also measured. Therefor ealways choose a suitable flow meter and connect it to the dosing unit. The flow meter should be:

  • Chemically resitant to the medium to be dosed
  • Possess an Open-Collector-Output
  • Designed for a supply voltage of 9...15V (usually: rated voltage 12V)
  • Suitable for the desired flow range

Cable assembly

Each dosing sytem requires one or more harnesses to connect the sensors or switches to the dosing unit. As standard components we can supply the following cables from stock:

  • Flow meter cable for direct connection of mechanical FHK/FHKU flow meter
  • Cable for connection to PICK-UP switch
  • Length of cable can be spezified by customer

Different harnesses, even for other applications can also be made onrequest.


Following smaller assemblies may also be helpful installing a dosing system:

  • PICK-UP switch: this switch can automatically interrupt the dosing process and then release it again. If it is connected to the mower, the dosing is stopped each timer the mower is raised. For this we recommend Reed sensors.
  • Wheel sensor: This sensor is triggered several times each time the wheel rotates. Simple mechanical proximity sensors will not work reliably. For this we recommend a magnetic Hall sensor.
  • We can supply screw-on magnets which are required to operate both sensor types.