Dositerm NT Control Unit

The Dositerm NT control unit is usable with all available Dosistar NT power units. Its small dimensions help to keep your vehicle-cockpit tidy.

The necessary communication for configuration and control of the power unit can be realised by data cable or by wireless communication. Since pump, sensors (e.g. flowmeter, level indicators) and other periphery components (e.g. warning lights, shut-off valves) are connected to the power unit mounted close to the pump, it is not necessary to mount entire wire harnesses over the whole length of your vehicle.

The 2,8’’ colour display makes all information easy to read. The intuitive menu has been further optimised compared to its predecessors. Controlling the device is done via rotary encoder with good tactile feedback, similar to that in the Dosistar VD. This allows precise control of the device even without direct line of sight and on swaying vehicles.

By default, the Dositerm NT has the languages English, German, Dutch and Danish implemented. Additional languages can be implemented on request. Contact us to learn more.

Mounting the Dositerm NT control unit is child’s play. Simply pin it to a suitable metallic surface with its holding magnet (like the included mounting bracket).

Of course, the devices can also be used stationary.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 5V – 30V
Display 2,8" colour display
Controls rotary encoder
Data log Position via internal GPS / dosing information
Communication with power unit Kabel oder 866 MHz Funk
Communication with PC Bluetooth, WLAN, USB
Dimensions 122 x 70 x 35 mm
Weight 250 g
Protection class IP 54
Mounting Holding magnet with mounting bracket