The Dosistar NT model line is the redevelopment of the Dosistar pump controls.

Dositerm NT Control Unit

The Dositerm NT control unit is usable with all available Dosistar NT power units. Its small dimensions help to keep your vehicle-cockpit tidy.

Dosistar NT-LVP

The Dosistar NT-LVP is a device for controlling high-power DC pumps. Combined with high performance pumps dosing systems with high flow rates can be realised.

Dosistar NT-LV

The Dosistar NT-LV is a device for controlling pumps of medium power.

Dosistar NT-Switch

The Dosistar NT-Switch are designed for switching medium to high power pumps. Due to the switching characteristics of the outputs (internal relays), the pumps will always run at 100%. There is no active flow regulation.