Dosistar ST & Disccontrol

for controling fertilizer spreaders

The DOSISTAR DISCONTROL and DOSISTAR ST have been developed for special tasks usch as control of hydraulic valves on fertilizer spreaders.

Dosistar ST

The Dosistar ST regulates the spread rate of a chain fertilizer spreader. A feed rate in kg/ha for the fertilizer can be specified by the user. By controlling the hydraulic engine of the conveyor chain this rate is adjusted. A calibration of the device on weight an density of the used material is necessary before.

Dosistar Disccontrol

The Dosistar Disccontrol regulates the scattering distance of the used material to be spread specified by the ST. The spread of the fertilizer is determined by the speed of the centrifugal discs. According to this the spread control is done by adjusting the speed of these discs. Additional functions such as border spreading are implemented so that no fertilizer is distributed next to the field.