FAQ - Devices

Answers to common questions before buying equipment

Can the 12V/24V  dosing controllers also be used stationary?

Yes.For stationary use, however, a sufficiently sized power supply is required, small battery chargers are usually undersized for this. If a undersized power supply is used, then experience shows that voltage drops occur during motor startup. As a result of this the metering device will shut down and the metering process is interrupted. Now the voltage of the power supply reaches its normal value, the metering device starts again and the user is facing constant inexplicable dosing termination.

Flowmeter selection: Which flowmeter turbine sizes are recommended for which flow rates?

To get the best results from measurement and control, the correct selection of a suitable flow meter for the desired flow range is important. On the one hand a flowmeter itself has only a limited workspace, on the other hand, for a good flow control at least four pulse per second of the flowmeter are necessary. From the series FHK / FHKU of the company Digmesa, which is distributed by us, flowmeter turbines with nozzle diameters of 1,0 ... 7,0mm are well available. The usable measuring ranges are:

Digmesa flowmeter nozzle diameter Value of flowmeter for water (pulse/l) max. flow output (l/h) min. flow output (l/h)
1,0mm 2223 35 9
1,2mm 1787 46 11
1,5mm 1386 80 13
2,0mm 1013 139 18
2,5mm 754 164 24
3,0mm 572 293 32
4,0mm 382 435 48
5,6mm 256 498 75
7,0mm 165 1080 110