Dosistar V

DOSISTAR V is a device for controlling the power of DC pumps on vehicles. A button adjusts the flow rate, which can be optically controlled by a float flow sensor. Passive or active switches  can be used as PICK-UP switch. Thus, the dosage can be interrupted automatically.

The device is installed in a solid metal housing. The color of the front panel is determined by the customer. The installation is easy and can be done by the customer or a field technician. With a corresponding power supply, a stationary operation is possible.

Area of application

  • Controlling of medium powered DC motors
  • Fan control, brightness control, motor control
  • Dosing of liquid subsatnces on vehicles
  • feed preservation
  • grain preservation

Technical data

input voltage range 12V – 24V DC
max. power 150W (12V) / 300W (24V)
max. current load 12A duration; 20A peak
power control range 0 – 100%
reverse polarity protection yes
overload protection yes
connection of PICK-UP switch yes
dimensions 120 x 95 x 35 mm