PiCUS Calliper

Accessory device for sonic tomograph and TreeTronic

Both our tomography methods do require exact geometry information about the positions of all measuring points in order to calculate the sonic and electric resistance tomograms. The more accurate those positions are known the better the tomograms can be calculated. The PiCUS Calliper is an instrument that helps to measure the positions of all measuring points quickly and accurately.

The PiCUS Calliper during geometry specifications of measuring level at the tree.

The PiCUS Calliper Version 3 can be assembled in two version that covers working ranges of 1600 mm and 2150 mm. 

The calliper can be easily disassembled for transport. It then fits into the PiCUS (or TreeTronic) measuring suitcase.

Details of the triangulation method

The geometry of a tree at the measuring level can be recorded precisely using a triangulation method. The level is split into many triangles, the lengths of all sides of which are measured. Each MP is a corner of a triangle. Two MP are part of all the triangles in a measurement. The line between these two points is called the “baseline”.

The position of the third corner of the triangle is calculated using the length of the sides. Based on one or three baselines, the x/y positions of all MP can be calculated.