Dosistar NT-LV

The Dosistar NT-LV is a device for controlling pumps of medium power.

The device regulates the flow rate to a constant value set by the user. The Dosistar NT-LVP is adaptable to a wide variety of flow meter, e.g. flow meter turbines and ultrasonic sensors.

Together with the impulse input for the flow meter the device also has multiple configurable digital inputs for use with e.g. level indicators or manually triggered remote pause buttons.

Next to the inputs the device also has several configurable digital auxiliary outputs in the form of potential free relays. They can be used for switching periphery devices like warning lamps or shut-off valves.

Like with all Dosistar models the Dosistar NT-LV has the two dosing modes, flow regulation and charge dosing. During flow regulation a liquid is continuously dosed, flow rate and amount are logged and displayed. The dosing only ends if the user manually stops it. During charge dosing the dosing process automatically stops once a predetermined amount has been pumped.

Of course, the proven warning and alarm functions to protect against under-dosing and dry-running are also integrated in the Dosistar NT-LV. Additionally, the pump can be protected against overload through an adjustable current limit. Next to the functions for protecting the pump, the Dosistar NT-LV also has self-protection functions, over current warning, short circuit protection and temperature monitoring to prevent overheating of the device.

Technical Data

Supply voltage Vcc 10 - 30 V


Inom= 35 A

Ipeak= 40 A (<3 Sekunden)

Auxiliary outputs

Alarm relay

Transport relay

optional reserve relay

max. 230V, 5A each

potential free switching contacts


Impulse input for flow meter

3 configurable digital inputs

1 optional analogue input

Eingang fü 4 - 20 mA Signal einer Waage

Sensor supply

12 V, 500 mA total

24 V, 250 mA total (optional)

Protection class IP 68
Dimensions 262 x 226 x 100 mm
Weight 3500 g