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Windows Software TMS Expert Version

PiCUS TMS.Software Mini-Kit

Windows Software TMS Mini-Kit Version

TreeQinetic MessSoftware BT5

Windows Software TreeQinetic for all devices with serial numbers ending on -BT5

PiCUS Tension

Protect your trees from drought stress!

If rain does not occur for longer time trees are in danger of drought stress. But how serious is the situation on site? And how effective is the watering?

Use the new Tension sensor to monitor the situation in real time and organise appropriate, efficient and resource saving irrigation!

Manual PiCUS TMS Software (state 11.08.2020)

User manual of the PiCUS TMS PC Software.

Containing: use of the PC software, evaluation of the measurement data, interpretation of the measurement data.

PiCUS TreeQinetic

Load tests

The TreeQinetic system is used to carry out load tests (or pull tests) on trees for which an advanced tree risk assessment is needed. The TreeQinetic load test is measuring both the bending strength of the tree stem and the anchoring strength of the tree root system.

The tree pulling test method has been developed by Günther Sinn and Lothar Wessolly in the early 1990's.


The company argus electronic gmbh was founded in 1994. We develop and manufacture measuring instruments and industrial control hard- and software. There are currently 12 employees working at argus electronic: administration (3), manufacturing (3) and development (6).

We are cooperating with sales agents in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Australia.

PiCUS Tree Motion Sensor 3 Mini-Kit

The PiCUS Tree Motion Sensors enable the execution of stability analysis through wind reaction measurement. This method is based on movements of examined trees in natural gusts of wind. The tree's response can be read and estimated for stronger wind events from the tree pitch and wind speed recorded by the the TMS.

PiCUS Tree Motion Sensor 3

The Wind-Reaction-Measurement with PiCUS TMS is used for in depth tree inspections to obtain information about a tree’s stability, defined by its root anchoring force in the ground.