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argus electronic gmbh – Development and Manufacturing of electronic instruments

Since more than 20 years we have been developing, manufacturing and selling solutions for our customers.

The premises of argus electronic gmbh are located in Rostock.

Our products are developed by a team of highly qulified and dedicated engineersn and are manufactured by experienced and highly motivated specialists in a modern production area of our compy building

Through constant feedback with our customers, we achieve maximum results for mutual benefit. Our products are appreciated and used by our customers all over the world.

Our work is focused in tree inspection technologies, measuring instruments for atmospheric research, dosing control system for agriculture and renewable energies.

Tree inspection technology:

We develop comprehensive diagnostic tools for tree surveyors for the detection and assessment of tree defects as part of the road safety obligation. Thus, damage and diseases inside the trunk can be detected without affecting the healthy trees. Also the stability of trees can be assessed more accurately with the help of our instruments.

Atmosphere research:

Atmospheric measurements are becoming increasingly important for understanding the development of precise climate models. Data from the measuring system carriers (balloons or rockets) must be returned to sender

Dosing technology:

In industrial agricultural production, liquid resources are often used for harvesting and storage for quality assurance purposes. To ensure the prescribed dosage and a proof for the farmer or contractor we have developed a series of dosing controls that can meet all customer's requirements. Thus, the range of dosing controls ranging from a simple speed controller for pump motors to complex systems. These dosing controls are available for use on agricultural vehicles as well as stationary systems.

In addition, we offer technical services, such as our climate chamber.