Research Campaigns

The argus electronic gmbh occasionally participates in research campaigns, even if the research work itself is not part of our business.
Though we support our customers needs at their first attempts with their new instruments.
Also we use such occasions to test and verify our systems under real enviroment and operation conditions.

Planned participations

November 2017

Sounding Rockets

What we plan: Second test flight of our MSMA system prototype

Participations in the past

26.02. - 06.03.2015 / Andoya Space Center, Norway

Sounding Rocket WADIS II

First test flight of our MSMA system prototype.

The instrument was ejected from the rocket at 60 km altitude, reached it's apogee at about 120 km and then fell back in free fall to earth. Later, hanging on it's ejectable parachute, it transmitted it's measurement data to our ground station, before it disapeared in the atlantic ocean.

18.06. - 03.07.2013 / Andoya Space Center, Norway

Sounding Rocket WADIS I

Test flight of a part of the MSMA system, integrated into the sounding rocket.

Test flight of an experimental pattern of the MSMA system.

It was transported to an altitude of 22 km by a research balloon. There it was dropped, did it's measurement routines in free fall and transmitted these data to our ground station.

Sebastian Finke


S. Finke