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Specialist for electronic control and measurement systems

PiCUS TreeQinetic

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PICUS TMS3 - Mini Kit

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PiCUS Tree Inspection

Instruments for tree inspection: sonic tomography, static pull test, dynamic tree wind motion

Atmosphere Research

Measurement instruments and support systems for atmosphere research.

Dosing Technology

For exact metering of liquid and solid material of all kinds (silage, acid concentrates, preservatives, fertlizers) argus electronic gmbh has developed a series of electronic controls for different tasks.

Special developments

Customized special developments for special apllications.

Tree expert services

We are happy to advice you on questions relating to road safety of trees.

Climate test

Our climate chamber is available for a wide variety of tests.

Contract developments

Development of devices that are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

argus electronic gmbh

The company argus electronic gmbh was founded in 1994. We develop and manufacture measuring instruments and industrial control hard- and software. There are currently 12 employees working at argus electronic: engineers, office and manufacturing.

We are cooperating with sales agents in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Australia.