Dosistar Grainy Switch

For batch dosage and quantity logging

For simple dosing tasks, where an exact dosing speed in l/h is not relevant , the DOSISTAR GRAINY SWITCH can be used. The motor of the pump is switched on or off on demand and the flow rates are logged. Additional a batch dosage function is existing. The DOSISTAR SWITCH is available for 230V~ three-phase pumps and 12/24V DC pumps.

Area of application

  • Quantity control for the dosing of liquids
  • Batch dosing with remote control function
  • Quantity logging
  • Feed preservation
  • Grain preservation

Technical data

input voltage range 12V – 24V DC   /  230Vac
max. output power 480W=            /  1kW~
max. current load 10A=              /   5A~
power control range on / off
external flow meter open collector type needed
calibration values for flow meter & medium up to 9 values, to be set by user
display alphanumeric, 1x16 chars
protective functions reverse polarity /dry-running
connections - input flow meter
Pick-up (Pause function, batch-dosage-start)
float switch
connections - output 2 x isolated relay contacts:
- alarm signal
- transport signal
dimensions 213 x 185 x 118 mm