The dosing computers are available for the control of 12/24V DC pumps, 230V ~ three-phase pumps and for special applications.

Dosistar V

DOSISTAR V is a device for controlling the power of DC pumps on vehicles. A button adjusts the flow rate, which can be optically controlled by a float flow sensor. Passive or active switches  can be used as PICK-UP switch. Thus, the dosage can be interrupted automatically.

Dosistar VD

Flow control of 12/24V DC pumps on vehicles.

Dosistar Grainy 230V

For flow control of three-phase pumps

Dosistar Grainy LV

For flow control of DC pumps with higher power

Dosistar Grainy LVP

Zur Durchflussregelung von Gleichstrompumpen hoher Leistung.

Dosistar Grainy Switch

For batch dosage and quantity logging

Dosistar Grainy MTA

For simply dry-running monitoring of dosing systems

Dosistar ST & Disccontrol

for controling fertilizer spreaders

Additional equipment

Additional equipment for dosing technology